Cybersecurity Startup Firm to Appear at New Tech Forum

BOSTON, Nov. 29, 2017

CynjaTech, a security technology firm, announced today that it is one of a select group of emerging tech companies to participate in the first-ever New Tech Forum hosted by Forester Research. The exclusive new event will highlight key trends that will shape the digital enterprise in 2018. CynjaTech’s Co-founder Heather Dahl has also been selected to particpate in a panel discussion titled “Blockchain In The Enterprise” hosted by Forrester analyst Martha Bennett.

CynjaTech will also participate in the Solutions Showcase where they will discuss their CynjaTrust platform which offers privacy, security, and easy regulatory compliance to enterprises across multiple industries. CynjaTrust changes existing network models by overturning the longstanding centeralized operational assumptions in favor of a distributed storage system.

“Today’s threat landscape and increasing regulatory compliance requirements demands innovation and new approaches,” says Scott Harris, CynjaTech’s VP of Business Strategy. “CynjaTech is honored to have been selected by Forrester for this new Forum and look forward to creating relationships and business opportunities with clients and innovators.”

“Companies want to see each customer clearly. With our platform, we can rapidly develop and scale our emerging security solution for businesses of any size,” says Dahl. “CynjaTech is dedicated to developing next generation data controls and security that scales easily for enterprise, yet is cost-effective for small businesses. I look forward to talking more about the emerging technology trends that will define the future of customer experience, security and privacy.”

Clients and members who are unable to attend the event may learn more about CynjaTech at or contact

About CynjaTech

CynjaTech is a security firm utilizing next-generation MicroCloud infrastructure to power the new CynjaTrust platform. With this patent pending technology, any digital entity gains a competitive advantage by meeting a growing consumer and regulatory demand for data control and ownership, privacy, and security in a cost-effective, simple package. CynjaTech’s patented MicroCloudTM storage is a new way of securing data and ensuring privacy using digital ledger technology. With its proprietary secure validated data exchange, CynjaTrust provides enterprises with real-time, accurate data insights on their customers with full consent, making business and customer data an asset rather than a liability in the face of increasing regulatory pressure.

Families can already benefit from the security and privacy controls the CynjaTrust platform offers by downloading the CynjaSpace internet safety app for kids. The app combines the safety, control and activity reports of a child’s digital life that parents need with the fun and freedom of using the web and chatting with friends that kids want. And by using the CynjaTrust platform, families own and control their child’s data preventing it from being tracked, sold or owned by third parties.

CynjaTech is based in Washington, DC. Learn more by visiting and follow @TheCynja on Twitter


Helen Garneau
(206) 240-8804

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