Time To Build Trust

On May 25, 2018, the first day of GDPR implementation, CynjaTech published our latest exploration of the role of trust in providing digital privacy.
The way Americans choose to build trust in a post-GDPR digital world will shape the future of data sharing. Analog concepts like consent and privacy are no longer out-of-date; rather, they have finally caught up to the digital economy.

Without active, transparent consent, our online data belongs to us alone; it is not a commodity to be taken from us for purposes we haven’t consciously assented to. Accept that, and there is a basis and an opportunity for building the kind of trust where data can be shared.

This is not a Utopian dream; it is the digital reality of doing business from May 25 onwards. GDPR makes data privacy a fundamental human right—and that is an idea that everyone can grasp.

Read CynjaTech’s most recent white paper, Time to Build Trust

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