Company History

CynjaTech was founded in 2014 by Heather C. Dahl and Dr. Chase Cunningham. They worked in cybersecurity and threat management, and were troubled by the “wild-west” state of personal data. Heather and Chase started the company with the goal of providing  identity and data set that could be shared with the world, but which was controlled by the owner, utilizing a private ledger system and distributed data MicroClouds.

CynjaTech developed proprietary technology that allowed users to securely share information in a permission-only environment, and with revolutionary security. Chase, Heather and their team built an app for families and children called CynjaSpace, which gave families layered, easy-to-use guardian controls, allowing kids of all ages to participate safely in their digital lives, and explore all that the internet has to offer – safely.

Partnering with Respect Network, CynjaSpace was designed as a “hub of me” for families, providing digital identities for family members, and giving data ownership and control, long before the paradigm shifted – before GDPR, before Facebook/Data Analytica, and before anyone ‘cared’ about privacy and control.

With roots deep in digital privacy, CynjaTech now continues to grow in the new world of privacy and identity. The platform that once ran an app for families, has grown beyond its origins, and is a powerful tool in the environment of GDPR and safe, permissioned data sharing. The platform is adaptable and scalable, and more relevant than ever. With well-developed and tested guardianship controls, CynjaTech is able to offer a robust technology stack that can revolutionize efficiency, privacy, and security.

CynjaTech sits on the cusp of a new paradigm in privacy and digital identity, and in 2019 will begin using the Sovrin Network ( to provide identification credential exchange on its existing platform. As an early provider of private ledger systems, CynjaTech is ready to leverage the power of today’s public and hybrid ledgers (blockchain technology) for the good of all digital citizens.


Heather Dahl is Co-Founder of CynjaTech. For a decade, Heather has been at the forefront of emerging technologies in cybersecurity, data & analytics and tech infrastructure, and has been recognized for creating best practices in innovation research. As a leader, she has taken legacy organizations through the process of digital transformation, leveraging technology to build sustainable and profitable futures.

Heather is also an award-winning network news leader and journalist having held posts as Chairman of the Congressional Correspondents Association, Chairman of the Board of The National Press Foundation, Chairman of the Board for Sense about Science USA, and Managing Producer at Fox News Washington Bureau. Heather holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins, an M.S. from Columbia University and is a graduate of Willamette University. She is also co-author of the The Cynja book series, dedicated to teaching kids about cybersecurity.


Dr. Cunningham is a retired U.S. Navy Chief with two decade of experience in cyber forensic and cyber analytic operations. He has experience in work centers within the NSA, CIA, and FBI. Chase is a trailblazer in privacy strategies and counter-threat operations, encryption, network security, and data management.

Prior to co-founding CynjaTech, Dr. Cunningham served as Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence Operations at Armor. He was the computer network exploitations lead for a major telecommunication system, and Chief of Cyber Analytics for Decisive Analytics.

Chase holds a PhD and MS in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University and a BS from American Military University, with a focus on counter-terrorism operations in cyberspace.