Self-Sovereign Digital Identity

CynjaTech uses The Sovrin Foundation’s technology in our Identity Solutions.

The Sovrin Foundation is the leading builder of technology to issue digital identities (DIDs).

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EFFICIENCY  Using blockchain technology, DIDs have the power to drastically increase business efficiency, add layers of security and trust to transactions, and protect the privacy of individuals. As a global, public utility, Sovrin provides the framework – the underlying grid – on which DID tools can be built.cropped-sfs.png

CynjaTech, as a Founding Steward is uniquely positioned to provide businesses with the DID tools to gain a competitive advantage while adding to the customer experience through trust and efficiency.

SOVEREIGNTY AND DIGNITY  Beyond commercial uses, DIDs also have the power to change the world. If our identity is now a set of digital data points more than a set of papers, the self-sovereign DID puts control of data and personal information in the hands of individuals, allowing it to be used only with permission.

A digital ID can build a new world of trust, and empower underserved or at-risk populations with control over their credentials, and help aid organizations, governments, and NGOs to accurately and efficiently provide services.